2014 FUEGO’s Patent design model


The 1st Chinese designed crossover motorcycle 

Tekken is a nice looking motorcycle, but what about the quality?  How about the performance? 

To test it,  we made 15 sets of Tekken parts just for trail. Then picked up 2 units randomly to be driven to the west of Si’chuan, where the road is very rough after the  big earthquake in 2008. The total journey is 3200km, took us 10days to return.


It is the hottest  time of the year, the riders left the factory at 17:30. The first day driving was only 100km. From the first day feedback, the performance of the tyres and shock absorbers are very impressive.


200km! The road is all flat and nice, but get stuck in the traffic jam near Chengdu. Tekken attracts lots of attention on road! The 2 bikes perform well!  Stay in a hotel in Chengdu. 


Tough Day---Heavy Rain all day plus bad roads! Arrived at the centre of the 2008 big earthquake area! The bikes are all good. Especially the tyres and suspensions are great on the off road. 


Weather changes so rapidly in one day! After crossing the mountain, it starts raining again!  Today we mainly ride on high way, the acceleration of the bikes is excellent!  So far so good!


The road is like from Heaven to hell ! After half way, the road is full of crater and dust, can hardly see anything.  Thanks to the extraordinary off road capability of TEKKEN, we defeat all the moving vehicles on road. Haha, feels good!


Another tough day, the road remains bumpy and dusty, after 300km driving in a day, feel that all the bones are broken. We would suggest softer foam on the seat in the future. Again we overtook all the vehicles on road! Very proud!


The road is very nice  today, the view is amazing. We did around 350km today. The top speed of these 2 bikes are 105km/h. Just like the X torque we rode. 


Today we climbed Gao’er Si Mountain (sea level 4412m). It is the touring season, the road is flooded with cars, motorcycles and bicycles on the way.  Among all the vehicles on the road, our Tekken is at the leading  position apart from KTM and BMW GS. It has been proved the climbing capability of this bike is outstanding.

When the bikes reach higher, they start to be powerless like us, difficult to breath.


On the way back to Chongqing, again the road is terrible but again we overtook all the moving objects on road including most of the famous brand motorcycles. The bikes performed excellent all the way.


The riders arrived at the factory in the evening. The test has proved that the design of Tekken is successful, and there are only some slight faults needed to be corrected.


The mass production of TEKKEN start from August 1st, 2014.
We look forward to working with you on this unique Chinese design crossover Motorcycle.

Now the motorcycle TEKKEN has gain popularity from people all over the world.