The  Guinness Motorcycle Tour has been going on for over 4 months now, and the riders are still on the way, here is their latest report of the tour.




30th, Nov. Riding in Guangxi province, had very bad luck with road in the last a few days, the trackers keeps leading us to the bad roads

28th, Nov. We sneaked onto the motorway today, look at the tracker, it is: 125km/h. Excellent day!


26th, Nov. Road in Hubei province is not good. we have been stopped many times by the road. Couldn't find the bridge, finally we had to use fhe ferry to cross the river.


20th, Nov, lovely weather after so many days rainny days and muddy road. Really enjoyed the turnings on the mountain.

18th, Nov. Arrived at Guilin, the most beautiful view but also with bad road everywhere. Hard to ride around!

15th, Nov. Haha, today we had MKC, and then we had DFC, the brothe-- KFC must be very jealous!

13th, Nov. Arrived at nowhere in Hubei province. Found a shelter for camping, the guy charged us 20yuan for it.

11th, Nov, in Hubei province, Sean's drinks and food.

10th, Nov. Had a day rest in Zhangjiakou, a famous scenic spot,  this is where film Avator was filmed.

8th, Nov, arrived in Wuhan, had some fun local.