2013, our company organized and sponsored a riding event. One English and one Chinese rider drove Fuego-made-dirtbikes for 35,111km. Gain a Guinness World Record---‘The Longest Motorcycle Journey In One Single Country. 


Till today, Oct30th, the riders have been on the tour  for nearly 3 months, and they have finished 2/3 of the whole jouney. Now the weather is getting colder and colder, they will face some more difficulties, but they are still determined, and the bikes are still performing well, the tour continues.....

Oct 22nd, arrived in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province.  During the time there, we have met the fantastic local motorcycle Club called-BiaoQi Ying. We have had the warmest welcome from the local motorcycle fans. Thanks to you all, and this will be one of the best memories of the whole journey.

Oct,21st, planning to arrive at Zhangjiakou, Heibei province, passing some places with glorious Autumn view.



Oct,18th, arrived in Bohai Sea, it is the first time for Slash to see the sea.haha. Luckily, it is quite warm, not as cold as the last a few days.

Oct, 17th, it is a warm day. Horray, the meter on the motorcycle showed 20,000km finally. which means that we will be in a new stage of the whole tour.

Oct14th-15th, we were in Hulunbei'er, the north east of China. Minu-12 today, the road is so slippery, cant drive at all, so had a few days of rest.

The main problem is not just cold weather, but when you are wet and cold, look at all the wet clothes that we hang in the house. 

Oct13th,  driving in Daxing'an Mountain, the road is unbelievably good, but it is quite cold after the sun goes down.

Oct12th, To stop the bad wind hurt the face, we bought each other a face mask like the photo above. Now we are fully armed for the coldness.

Oct11th, saw the most amazing sun-set in our life, but unfortunately, it only stayed for a few minutes.

Oct10th, Riding in the north-east of China, it is very sunny. But very chilly already, especially after sun-set.





29th, July, Chongqing Fuego Power Co.,Ltd held an excellent launch party for the 2 riders(Mr. Sean Kerr from UK, Mr.Slash Zhang from China). These 2 riders are going to drive 2 of our dirbitkes to challenge the World Record Motorcycle Tour.


The riders set off on 1st of August from Chongqing, heading to Chengdu, Sichuan province. The 2 riders were all very excited, but Slash was only on bikes for less than 1,000km. So we were all hoping that they will have a safe journey.


After Passing Sichuan province, Ningxia provinces, the riders went into Xinjiang province. And it is the only province in China that motorcycle can drive on the motorway. Luckily, till now, the journey went very smoothly.


After arriving in Xinjiang, the riders had a few days rest. 

Xinjiang is big province with fantastic landscape, on the way, they met a guy(the 4th photo below)who is riding a bicycle alone from Singapore to Europe, he doesnt even have a phone to contact anybody, dont even mention about any property. So interesting!

 Excellent view on the way!  The riders were stopped by a windy valley, because the wind is so big, took them 4 hours to go through the 10 km valley!

 Had a small accident with a local farmer, it was not the riders fault. But finally the kind riders gave the poor old man 100yuan even though the policeman declared that there's no fault of us. Then the policeman found them a very nice cheap hotel to reward these 2 lovely young man. What a lovely story

Heading from Xinjiang province to Inner Mongonia, the view is also breath-taking.


Wow, go pass the snow in a summer time, then in the afternoon, have the nice warm weather. Till now, the bikes are doing very well. We have had no problem at all.


Still driving in Xinjang province, because Slash's families are all living there, visited some families on the way, then get stuck in the sand storm!

In a city called Yecheng, the riders saw a MOTORHEAD dirtbike displaying outside of a motorcycle shop. Then went through the desert. It was 500km journey without seeing anything alive.

Finally got out of the desert, the road becomes nice again, but turns to be very cold.