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Cross-border, cross-continental large-scale motorcycle exhibition has become a key platform for FUEGO POWER to show its own strength and expand the market. From Chinese Canton Fair to Italian Milan Exhibition, FUEGO POWER has conquered all continents over a thousand kilometers distance, showing its unique charm.

By participating in various exhibitions, we not only have in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign counterparts, but also timely grasp the latest industry trends and market demand, and further optimize product design and technological innovation.




In the process of continuously participating in major international motorcycle exhibitions, FUEGO POWER continues to accumulate experience and improve its own strength. At the 2017 and 2019 Milan fairs, our products attracted the attention of many professionals and consumers.

Through this exhibition, we have demonstrated the innovative strength and development potential of our country's motorcycle industry to Europe and the world.


2020.Canton Fair





Faced with the challenge of the epidemic for three years, foreign traders have experienced unprecedented pressure. However, FUEGO, with its tenacious spirit, keen market insight, and close online communication with customers, ensures stable business development.




2023.4 Canton Fair







2023.10 Canton Fair

In 2023, when the epidemic was gradually alleviated, FUEGO’s first self-developed large-displacement motorcycle "EVO 450" officially appeared in front of the world, attracting countless attentions.

2023.11 Milan


In the future, FUEGO will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "wholeheartedly improving quality, fully building brand", adhere to innovation-driven, improve product quality, and create a more competitive motorcycle brand. We will further strengthen cooperation with the international market, expand export business, actively participate in international competition, and constantly enhance the company's international status. At the same time, we also look forward to working with more domestic enterprises to jointly promote the development of China's motorcycle industry and provide consumers with more high-quality and innovative products.